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Ensure themes register correctly as darktext/brighttext


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Cheers (Balanced) is an outlier among the new themes. Its background color is not dark enough to register as a brighttext theme, but it uses bright text in the design. It also uses dark panels. We need it to register as a brighttext theme so we get the styling that goes with brighttext themes, such as using Primary Dark as an accent color and higher contrast on secondary buttons.

Whiteboard: [fidefe-theme]

This is an issue in multiple themes with borderline contrast. We should check them all -- especially Balanced themes.

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Summary: Get Cheers Balanced to register as a brighttext theme → Ensure themes register correctly as darktext/brighttext

I don't think there's a silver bullet here. The unique thing about these themes is that some of them will use a dark text color in the toolbar, but then will use dark panels, or light toolbar text and light panels. The themes are registering correctly as dark/lighttext based on their toolbar color, but then system colors used in places with different backgrounds break. I think we just need to be more aggressive about dark mode overrides based on more specific properties on :root, such as using dark mode colors in panels with :root[lwt-popup-brighttext].. One issue is system colors, where dark/lightness is set entirely based on toolbar color. I don't think it's possible to get different system colors automatically based on context. For system colors, we'll have to use -moz-system-color(ColorName, light/dark).

I'm closing this bug in favour of specific bugs to fix system colors in panels and other surfaces.

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