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With Multiple Folder Views (eg Favorites+All) - View jump to top (auto scroll up) when creating new IMAP folder


(Thunderbird :: Folder and Message Lists, defect)

Thunderbird 91
Windows 10


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Just noticed a small issue with Multiple Folder Views in TB 91.x branch... If I enable the Favorites view and place it on the top, when I create an IMAP folder in the All folder view very down the tree... as soon a the folder is created, the view jump all the way to the top (scroll all the way up) so I lost access to the folder just created and have to scroll all the way down again manually to access it and be able to move emails into it by drag/drop.

The same happens when a folder is deleted.

"...Does this happen also if you only have a single folder view currently active?..."


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Thanks for filing the bug.
I'll take a look at it.

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Thomas, this doesn't happen with the new folder tree, right?

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(In reply to Alessandro Castellani [:aleca] from comment #2)

Thomas, this doesn't happen with the new folder tree, right?

No, I'm not seeing that with Daily 115.0a1 (2023-05-15) (64-bit), Win10.
Focus/selection remains on the parent folder from which the New Folder action is triggered, no jumps.
New folder won't be scrolled into view either, but if we keep focus/selection on parent folder by design, that's probably OK (as possibly scrolling focused/selected parent folder out of view wouldn't be right).

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