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Figure out how to hide errors in `tgdiff` task


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The tgdiff task updates version control to the parent of the push. If the push in question is making changes to areas that affect taskcluster/taskgraph/ itself, then the task can sometimes fail with an exception, like in this case

While these failures are harmless and expected, they cause confusion for sheriffs. I don't want to simply make the task tier 3, since it provides value to folks and hiding it will make it hard to find.

Another way to avoid confusion here would be to suppress errors (so the task is always green). Though in this case we might miss legitimate errors. Also tgdiff is kind of acting as a unittest here because it is validating that all the parameters under taskcluster/test/params pass generation (though we should probably stand up a proper unittest that does this anyway).

Maybe a good compromise here would be to suppress errors that happen only when generating on the parent revision (and still fail on errors that happen from the current revision).

The 'tgdiff' task can fail if you are working on the 'taskgraph' module itself
and the parent revision isn't compatible with your changes.

This ensures the 'tgdiff' task stays green if there was a failure on the
parent, but still turns orange if there was a failure on the current revision
(since that is likely a legit error)

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Suppress 'tgdiff' failures on the base revision, r=taskgraph-reviewers,aki
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