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Flickering Images all over the Firefox Window after duplicated display standby


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Firefox 92





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Steps to reproduce:

Connect a second monitor with same resolution and duplicate display output so both show the same. Wait for a while and let computer run while turning off both displays or letting them go to standby. Then turn on one or both displays again.

Details: My displays are one 1440p 240hz Alienware AW2721D and one 60Hz Wacom 27QHD touch. I mine during the night and use one display for gaming one one for working. Whenever I come back to the computer in the morning I have to replug one of my display cables for the issue to be resolved till I walk away for a while. Then it happens again if one display goes to sleep. The Alienware is connected over Displayport and the Wacom over HDMI

Actual results:

Many websites experience bad flickering of all images seemingly randomly all over within the Firefox Window if I hover my mouse over clickable images or links etc. and Youtube are especially bad with the flickering.
Youtube link of a video where it is happening:

Expected results:

Firefox working without flickering of images.,

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