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limit update-verify for firefox beta and devedition to recent versions


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(firefox94 fixed, firefox95 fixed)

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firefox94 --- fixed
firefox95 --- fixed


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Quite a few of the update-verify tasks for firefox and devedition 94.0b3 timed out and required several reruns.

We may want to update last-watershed to something newer than 56.0b3 to limit the number of things we check each time.

The timeouts were apparently caused by slowness(/overload?) so maybe we don't need to do this, OTOH it seems overkill to go back that far.

I see very little reason to go any further back than our most recent watershed release. We have QA update testing for anything older. I believe this has come up before as something we could do to speed up update-verify along with making sure that Beta has the same watershed rules as Release in Balrog.

We're adding a watershed at 72.0 for beta/aurora to match release's
72.0.2 watershed (from bug 1615382). We can simplify
update-verify-config accordingly.

Assignee: nobody → jcristau

Cornel/Bogdan, I don't know how far back we test updates on aurora and beta, but FYI we're adding a watershed at 72 today (72.0b11-build1 for aurora/devedition, 72.0-build4 for beta), so all updates from prior versions will have an extra step there, and probably don't need to be tested in the future.

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Thanks for the heads`up!
We are now only covering updates from recent releases (3 versions older) on each channel.

Please let us know if it would be usefull to update and edit a few tests to also cover this particular scenarios.

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bump beta last-watershed to 72.0.  r=releng-reviewers,aki
Closed: 2 months ago
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also set secondary uvc watershed. r=mtabara DONTBUILD

central->beta merge next week should take care of 95.0beta.

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