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Black Folder Pane and Quick Filter Bar if light theme is using and Appearance is set in Auto on MacOS X.


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Thunderbird 91


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Steps to reproduce:

Mac OS X 11.6 on Apple M1 chip.
After upgrade to Thunderbird 91 light theme is not completely light in evenings and night.

  • set light theme in thunderbird.
  • check that all is ok. Work at the day.
  • close note and open it in evening.
  • check 'black' Folder Pane and Quick Filter Bar.

Actual results:

Folder Pane and Quick Filter Bar is a black color.
DIsable and enable Light theme fixes it, but it will reproduce in the next evening.

It happens then In Mac OS X 'Appearance' is set to 'Auto' (light theme in day, dark theme in night time).

Expected results:

Light theme should be persistent, if I set it. If I want color changes I'll set System theme.

Blocks: tb91found
Keywords: regression
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