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Calendar usability issues in Thunderbird 91.x


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Thunderbird 91


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Steps to reproduce:

I have recently upgraded Thunderbird 78 to 91 and noticed several usability regressions in Calendar (Lightning).

  1. Non-consistent event creation date when creating event with double-click and right button click:
    In calendar week view, when I do right-click->New Event... the new event is created with current time (hour), it does not depends where mouser pointer is located. For example, if it now 10 AM, new events are always starting at 10 AM.
    If I double click on some cell in calendar, new events are created with starting time corresponding to cell location.
  2. The Event titles are always ellipsized at first line, even if there is enough space to show all the text in the title. I am attaching screenshot with text cut at first line. The text should not be cut if there is enough space in event cell.

Expected results:

These issues were not present in Thunderbird 78. I am expecting that 78 behavior will be restored, since 91 version has regression in usability.

Blocks: tb91found
Component: Untriaged → General
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar

Issue # 2: I see only "Some e..." in the Week view, "Some ev..." in the Mulitiweek and Month views when I use your example with an All day Event created in my TB 78.14.0. Same in my 91.1.0. The Day view shows the complete text. That could be due to my font size settings.

Issue # 1: My event creation dialog shows 11:00 AM when I am creating an event at 10:45 AM.

I'm not a Mac user. Tested on Fedora Linux.

Please keep it one issue per bug.

Double click in week view will give me a new event with a time from where I clicked. WFM.

Yes, double click is working as expected for me too. The issue is with right mouse button click. In TB 78 it was working the same way as double click, in TB 91 - hour is always a current hour, independent to where mouser pointer is located.

Right click also uses the time for me (at least on trunk).

My report was about TB 91.2, MacOSX. Can you check with 91.2?

Its seems that my issue #2 is fixed in TB 91.4.1 - text in Event titles in week view now breaks to several lines when it does not fit into single line.
Issue #1 is still present - new event uses current time and does not depend on pointer location.

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