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Update pdf.js to version 2.12.16


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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95 Branch
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firefox95 --- fixed


(Reporter: bdahl, Assigned: bdahl)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)



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#14042 Fix dialogs with forced colors (bug 1722984)
#14072 XFA - Create a new page in case of overflow
#14073 XFA - Bind items when there's a bindItems entry
#14069 Mark the paintJpegXObject operator as deprecated (PR 11601 follow-up)
#14070 Some small readability improvements in the MessageHandler code
#14065 [api-minor] Stop exporting, by default, a few additional Font properties (PR 11777 follow-up)
#14074 [api-minor] Add basic support for RTL text-content in PopupAnnotations (issue 14046)
#14064 Fallback to font name matching, when checking for serif fonts (issue 13845)
#14036 Annotation - Some checkboxes have an empty N dictionary
#14077 Fix issues in driver.js when getting css sheets
#14076 XFA - Add <a> element in button when an url is detected (bug 1716758)
#14081 [api-minor] Move the addDefaultProtocolToUrl/tryConvertUrlEncoding functionality into the createValidAbsoluteUrl function
#14049 Annotation - Use border and background colors from MK dictionary
#14091 Add the missing pdf file for the test in the PR #14049
#14083 AcroForm: Add support for ResetForm action
#14095 Replace a couple of Array.prototype.forEach-invocations with for..of instead
#14057 Support CMap-data with only strings, when parsing TrueType composite fonts (bug 920426)
#14092 [api-minor] Ensure that various URL-related options are applied in the xfaLayer too
#14096 Pre-render one additional page when spreadModes are enabled
#14097 Bump versions in pdfjs.config
#14099 Update packages and translations
#13948 Use the native structuredClone implementation when it's available
#14101 [Regression] Fix comb fields scrolling when the last character is entered (PR 14049 follow-up)
#14111 Take the /CIDToGIDMap data into account when computing the hash, in PartialEvaluator.preEvaluateFont, for composite fonts (bug 1734802)
#14106 Empty name is allowed in ISO 32000
#14108 For Annotations that define a closed area, make all of it toggle the PopupAnnotation (issue 14107)

Assignee: nobody → bdahl
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Update pdf.js to version 2.12.16 r=pdfjs-reviewers,marco
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 95 Branch
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