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[from bug 173542] load the page, press and hold <tab>. you'll get stuck at the ?

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16 years ago
Heh - you beat me to submitting this :-)

It seems that Moz doesn't filter out the tab key for the 'onkeypress' event.

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16 years ago
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Assignee: aaronl → bryner
Blocks: 83552
Component: Accessibility APIs → Keyboard Navigation

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16 years ago
Is preventDefault getting set or something?


Mozilla is not getting a chance to use that tab press.

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16 years ago
Here are my observations:
in order to make site accessible, both onclick and onkeypress event handlers are
used in an anchor <a> tag:
it seems that Mozilla (rightly or wrongly?) interprets 'tab' key-press as an
pnkeypress event, and thus fires up the associated event. What this means is
that Mozilla gets stuck on this event, and does not tab beyond this event.
<code><a href="/file.html"
onclick="'/file.html','window','etc');return false;"
onkeypress="'/file.html','window','etc');return false;">link

is there an interim workaround for this? (PS! this behaviour was observed in
Mozilla 1.2 and 1.3 on Win2K pc. Have not tested on other os; but have tested in
IE browsers, which work as expected - ie: tabbing does just that; no event
handlers are fired until a key - other than tab - is pressed.
URL is 404.
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OS: Windows 2000 → All
Assignee: bryner → nobody
QA Contact: dsirnapalli → keyboard.navigation
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