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Normalize Firefox MSIX package: put `firefox.exe` into `c:/Program Files .../firefox-MSIX/firefox.exe`


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As we've gotten more familiar with MSIX packages, a few choices made early don't seem optimal. In particular, I tried to put firefox.exe into c:/Program Files/... and didn't quite succeed. Let's fix a few of these things now.

This allows Firefox to read its own binary from the VFS. With luck,
this will help us launch Firefox using
Invoke-CommandInDesktopPackage, which can now use -Command "c:/Program Files .../firefox-MSIX/firefox.exe". (Bare firefox.exe
does not work across all versions of Windows, AFAICT.)

While in the neighbourhood, order en-US first among languages (so
that it is the default language) and use the application name "App",
which while not standard is very common.

No longer blocks: msix-packaging
Severity: -- → S4
Priority: -- → P3

This isn't strictly necessary, but 'App' is what most Apps seem to use, so we may as well too.

Also ensures 'en-US' is the first listed language, to make it the default.

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Normalize Firefox MSIX Package: Use 'App' as <Application Id> in AppxManifest.xml r=nalexander
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