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Proton - Screenshot tool (or: take a screenshot) icon needs Proton like style


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Firefox 93




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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add icon “Screenshot tool” (named “take a screenshot”) to toolbar,
  2. Look at the icon very properly,
  3. You will see that it's not Proton, it's photon.

Actual results:

If you look at icon, then you will see, it's Photon
Photon is deprecated theme refresh we need Proton (“I don't know if deprecated is the good word, I'm from abroad”)

Expected results:

Screenshot tool (take a screenshot) should be in Proton style (thinner lines)

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Component: Untriaged → Screenshots
Type: defect → enhancement

Thanks for pointing this out, the icon could be redrawn with the lighter 1.25 stroke weight. I would be happy to land that patch if someone could supply the amended svg, which lives in browser/themes/shared/icons/screenshot.svg

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Priority: -- → P5
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