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Run addons-linter checks on the generated langpack manifest


(Firefox Build System :: General, task, P3)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: rpl, Unassigned)



As a follow up to Bug 1732676, it would be good to explicitly run addons-linter on the langpack manifests being generated by, either in the or in the test that is covering it (

Running this additional check would ensure us that the generated langpacks are going to be valid once submitted to AMO (where an addons-linter linting failure would prevent the submittion to complete successfully), and ensure we may caught earlier regressions in the behavior due to changes on the and/or addons-linter sides (e.g. see mozilla/addons-linter#3998).

The following addons-linter checks applies to langpacks:

Priority: -- → P3
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