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User customizable user-agent


(Core :: Networking: HTTP, enhancement)

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(Reporter: andrixnet, Assigned: darin.moz)



Request a prefs option (either UI or prefs.js - more likely) that can override 
the User-agent Mozilla sends in the HTTP headers. 

Some sites deny access or redirect when viewed with mozilla. I was able to view 
some of such sites by having a proxy that fakes my user agent, but I need 
administrative right on that proxy, which may not be the case for many users.

Other browser that I know it supports such an override with option : 
Web download software such a Getright, Teleport Pro can also send a custom 
there is a project on which provides this feature.  this won't be
added to mozilla.  beware that UA spoofing can cause a lot of problems.  e.g.,
java plugin will crash if you spoof IE.
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
I believe you should have resolved this bug as DUPLICATE

(looking through and finding uabar sent me to similar bugreports I 
haven't found in my searches before this one. I was able to do a more in depth 
research this time (sorry for the initial spam))

Bugs that this might dupe :
#22995 cusomizable user_agent
They marked this WONTFIX, yet other related reports say otherwise. (probably due 
to the earlier stage of development)

#80658 [RFE] Site specific User-Agent
Also see comment #17
Resolution on this is definitely not wontfix

#154645 Faking to be a MSIE browser 
This dupes #80658

#140417 Need "Hall of Shame" feature to encourage uncooperative sites

#46029 [RFE] debug-only GUI for multiple User-Agent prefs like in Opera

#102042 [RFE]Separate the useragent used by http from the actual one seen by 
The Java issue invoked here for the WONTFIX resolution is described and 
atended to here. 

#101990 useragent per-site settings Tool

#83376 Crash when loading Java Plugin if UserAgent string as MSIE
This could be considered as a blocker for this bug.

Please reconsider.

well, you tell me.  which of those bugs most closely matches your bug
description? :)
Considering how I formulated the report, I think the proper dupe should be 
#46029 [RFE] debug-only GUI for multiple User-Agent prefs like in Opera

Though, after finding out more, I adhere to 
#80658 [RFE] Site specific User-Agent
making this bug depend on the outcome of bug 80658 then.
Depends on: 80658
OS: Windows 95 → All
QA Contact: httpqa → junruh
Hardware: PC → All
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