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Race condition in autocomplete and from autofill


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Was discovered while tracing an intermittent mSearchesOngoing > 0 && mSearches.Contains(aSearch) assertion failure in nsAutoCompleteController.

Failure was not reproducible locally, and only happened in Web Render builds in automation. It reproduced always in the same test, in the same spot, here: . There we first set value and then focus on the field. If those two statements are switched, the bug will be reproduced. My current understanding of it is this:

  • Focus triggers the autocomplete machinery recognize the fields.
  • Calling setValue on the input caused “change” DOM event fire for the input field.
  • On that event, FormAutofillContent actor calls nsFormFillController.showPopup(), if the popup is pending.
  • Since the input is non-zero length, that causes this series of calls: nsFormFillController.showPopup() => nsAutoCompleteController::HandleText => nsAutoCompleteController::StartSearches(). This last one mutates mSearches - it adds the input to that list. It also sets the timer for the search.
  • ( The timer is cleared when closing popup - when selecting something from the popup or when the popup is invalidated by user deleting what she typed or typing something new; and also when nsAutoCompleteController::StopSearch() is called.)
  • When the timer expires, the timer framework calls nsAutoCompleteController::BeforeSearches(), which sets mSearchesOngoing to the length of mSearches - 1 at this point.
  • Meanwhile, the test focuses on the next input element, and the focus event triggers nsAutoCompleteController::ResetInternalState calling StopSearch() and thus clearing mSearches and the timer. If we are lucky, this event happens before the timer is up and before nsAutoCompleteController::onSearchResult is called, if we are not - nsAutoCompleteController::onSearchResult happens with the illegal state.

Adding if (!this.forceStop) here fixes the intermittent. (See )

See Also: → 1733737
Assignee: nobody → dlee

Before this patch, when the search operation is canceled, we return null
in _getRecords instead of returning AutoCompleteResult, See

However, a null result does stop us from calling onSearchResult callback, which triggers
an assertion in nsAutoCompleteController.

This patches check whether the search operation is canceled before calling onSearchResult.

Pushed by
Do not notify autocomplete search result when the search  operation is canceled. r=sfoster,tgiles
Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P2
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Do not notify autocomplete search result when the search  operation is canceled. r=sfoster,tgiles
Flags: needinfo?(dlee)
Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 96 Branch
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