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Fail Fast Exception crash with security.sandbox.content.level 20


(Core :: Security: Process Sandboxing, enhancement, P3)

Firefox 95



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(Reporter: nn1436401, Unassigned)


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:94.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/94.0

Steps to reproduce:

security.sandbox.content.level 20
security.sandbox.gpu.level 1

Navigate to

Actual results:

Page crash

Expected results:

Page is opened correctly.

If security.sandbox.content.level is set to 10, everything works fine

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Component: Untriaged → Security: Process Sandboxing
Product: Firefox → Core

Thanks for filing this, could you add a link to one of the crashes that you are getting?
Also could you try retesting in the latest Beta or Nightly?

Flags: needinfo?(nn1436401)

I am testing FIrefox Developer Edition 95.0b3

Navigating to shows a message box:

Windows - Fail Fast Exception
A fail fast exception occurred. Exception handlers will not be invoked and the process will be terminated immediately. 
Flags: needinfo?(nn1436401)
Blocks: 1403931
Flags: needinfo?(bobowencode)

NN - do you have the crash reporter disabled?

cperterson - I wonder if that's a different issue, are you getting a fail fast exception as well?

Flags: needinfo?(nn1436401)
Flags: needinfo?(cpeterson)

Hello, for some reason it was not enabled by default.
Anyway I turned it on, however it didn't change anything.
I still get fail fast exception.

My scenario is opening addons page (Ctrl+Alt+A) and then searching for addon.
This opens and the message box.

Navigating to first shows the regular Firefox tab crash and then shows the message box.

Flags: needinfo?(nn1436401)
Severity: -- → N/A
Type: defect → enhancement
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: N/A → S4
Priority: P3 → P2
Priority: P2 → P3
See Also: → 1741223
Summary: Crash in [@ kernelbase.dll | __delayLoadHelper2 | _tailMerge_avrt.dll | audioipc_client::context::impl$3::init::closure$6] with security.sandbox.content.level 20 → Fail Fast Exception crash with security.sandbox.content.level 20
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