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[mozproxy] add server playback script for mitm7


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Mitmproxy 7 introduced updates that breaks the functionality of our server playback script used in mitm 4, 5, and 6:

I copied the server playback file from mitm 7 ( and made some small modifications to fit our purposes

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[mozproxy] add server playback script for mitm7 r=sparky
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Specifically, the changes that were made were

  1. added an option to reverse the flow order when playing back a recording, so that the most recent request+response is used. this is so that, when testing pages requiring log in, the logged in page is shown, rather than the first page, the log in screen
  2. set the alt_server_replay_nopop option, which enables us to replay the same request+response multiple times
  3. if alt_server_replay_kill_extra the request method returns a 404 when extra requests (those not in the recording) are made, instead of killing the flow, which sometimes caused tests to fail in the path
  4. removed the http_protocol_extractor script when recording. this was used to enable HTTP/1 to HTTP/2 functionality. this is now supported by mitmprox7 and no longer needed
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