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Add CA Task List item/report for Cases that are currently open for the CA


(NSS :: Common CA Database, task, P1)


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(Reporter: kwilson, Assigned: poonam)


(Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement])

Please create a new CA Task List item and report called "Open Cases for My CA".

The report should list all of the CA's currently open Cases, and the report should have the following columns:
Case Number (clickable link), Case Type, Subject, Case Progress, Latest Case Comment

For the Case Progress column use the following fields based on the Case type:

  • Audit Cases -- Case Progress
  • Root Inclusion Cases -- All Request Statuses
  • CA Information Update Cases -- Case Request Status

Text for the report instructions:
These are the cases that are currently open for your CA. Click on the Case Number to browse to the case, and hover over a Latest Case Comment to see the full text.

Also, on the CA Information Update Request (Non-Audit) Case, please automatically add a Comment:

  1. when the Case is created, which says:
    Click on the ‘Submit to Root Store’ button after you have entered the data for the changes that you are requesting.
  2. when the submit button as been clicked, which says:
    The changes that you have requested are pending review by a root store operator.

A new section "Open Cases for My CA" is ready in sandbox for CA's. Please login as Digicert's "PB Test CA" community user to see the report results.

Additional changes:

  1. The CA home page no longer shows summary of task list items.
  2. Section headers haven ben replaced with summary titles along with the record count.
  3. Sections with zero records are also displayed on the home page.

Looks good. Please move these changes to production. Thanks!

Move CA task List to production.

Moved CA task List to production.

Looks great!
Please change the name of the "Open Cases for My CA" item to "Open Cases" and move it to the top of the task list.

Changed the report name and moved it to the top. Deployed in production.


Closed: 7 months ago
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