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Investigate why GetIPCInternalRequest() doesn't handle the request's body


(Core :: DOM: Service Workers, task, P3)





(Reporter: ytausky, Unassigned)


GetIPCInternalRequest() is a helper function that creates an IPCInternalRequest from an intercepted channel. However, instead of extracting the request's body, it sets it to Nothing(). For fetch events the body is then handled here. We need to investigate why it's not done in GetIPCInternalRequest() and change that, if appropriate. Whatever the outcome, we need to document this properly in the code.

Assignee: nobody → ytausky
Assignee: ytausky → jstutte

I attempted to document my understanding of what was going on with the code in the review at (because Phabricator likes to auto-collapse things, note that this is the ~April 30th "Restating" massive block comment (not the later May 26th one which is smaller) and that searching on "GetIPCInternalRequest" should help identify the relevant bits.

I assume this is not creating any harm right now.

Priority: -- → P3
Assignee: jstutte → nobody
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