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update evolve before displaying any prompt to the user


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A common issue that arises on element/slack is users who have upgraded their hg but have not upgraded evolve and run into compatibility problems. Since the evolve upgrade is hidden behind several levels of the wizard and many people run mach bootstrap regularly to upgrade their installed toolchains, it's common for them to avoid re-running the wizard and therefore skipping the evolve upgrade.

We should pull and update to the latest evolve release before making any prompts to the user, which will solve this problem.

Right now configwizard has a single "evolve" step that informs the user
about evolve, clones, enables, and updates the extensions when a prompt
is accepted. This means for a user to update a configwizard-managed copy
of the evolve extension they must accept the configwizard prompt and go
through the entire wizard start to finish. Many users don't do this often
and skip the wizard after v-c-t updates.

This commit changes the wizard to update evolve before displaying any prompts
or dialogues. We only perform the update to evolve if the wizard is managing
the extensions. This behaviour should update evolve to the latest release
automatically whenever configwizard is run. Specifically this should update
evolve in the background when ./mach bootstrap is run from a central clone.

Pushed by
configwizard: update evolve at the start of configwizard if already installed r=mhentges

Closed: 2 months ago
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