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Need better accesskey for show password context menu.


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All letters are taken:

  • S for "Suggest Strong Password"
  • h for "This frame"
  • o for "use saved password / use saved login"
  • w for "switch text direction"
  • P for "Paste"
  • a for "Select All"
  • r for "Redo"
  • d for "Delete"

Any good ideas? Should we change the context menu entry to use maybe "Reveal password" or something? Maybe "v" or "e" aren't used.

(In reply to Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) from comment #0)

Maybe "v" or "e" aren't used.

They're not in any items that show up when using the context menu on a password field, so I think this would be OK...

We could also do a "change the access keys" dance with the password specific items... "g" seems unused and we could use that for "suggest strong password", and then use "S" for "Show Password". Or talk to #content on slack for alternative naming / access key suggestions.

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The pseudo-class and nsContextMenu context attribute were using reveal,
the pseudo-element and webidl attribute were using "show".

Use reveal consistently and update the accesskey so that there aren't
conflicts with existing commands. Also enable the feature in
browser_contextmenu_input.js so that this change is tested.

Assignee: nobody → emilio

The reveal password button might or might not be web-compatible, but it
might be worth having a separate pref for the context-menu entry.

Depends on D136086

Pushed by
Use "reveal" rather than show terminology consistently for the reveal password button. r=Gijs,fluent-reviewers
Split reveal-password and button and context-menu prefs. r=Gijs
Closed: 2 years ago
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