Open Bug 1743155 Opened 6 months ago

Move <LocalizationProvider> up to <App>


(DevTools :: Debugger, task)



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(Reporter: nchevobbe, Unassigned)



For Bug 1591025, I'm moving the strings used in WhyPanel.js onto a new .ftl file (so the PausedDebuggerOverlay can use them as well).
While making the necessary changes in the debugger, I realized that we are using React context in order to pass shortcuts, the toolbox document and an l10n instances further down the tree (see
Unfortunately, if we try to render <LocalizationProvider> from <App>, the component sets a new child context, wiping the existing one.
For now, I'll only add the provider directly in <WhyPanel> , but as we migrate more things to Fluent, we might want to fix this.
l10n won't be needed anymore, but we should find alternatives for other usages (

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