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Blocked images loaded in forwarded message


(MailNews Core :: Composition, defect)

Thunderbird 91


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Steps to reproduce:

Forward a message with remote images blocked.

Actual results:

All images are loaded.

Expected results:

Blocked content is loaded in a forwarded message, violating the "to protect your privacy" policy. This seems to me to be very unfortunate, since if spam is being reported vital information has been conveyed to the spammers - especially that the email address is valid.

There appear to be some related bugs from 14 and more years ago (bug 199709, bug 238447, bug 263345 - where I have posted a comment as well, but probably going unseen), but this is still a problem in 91.3.2.


Component: Untriaged → Composition
Flags: needinfo?(remotenonsense)
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
See Also: → 330443

Worksforme. But check there is no add-on that is causing it...

I can't reproduce this.

Blocked content is loaded in a forwarded message

Do you mean in the compose window after you click the Forward button/menu? Or on the receiving side of the forwarded message? Remote images are still blocked in both cases for me. Can you share some screenshots?

Flags: needinfo?(remotenonsense)

I will need to wait for another example to arrive for a screenshot.
I do mean the compose window, to send. I do not receive such to my knowledge, but I could test by including me as CC:.

Add-ons: Mailmerge and ThunderHTMLedit only, now disabled for the next test, when that happens.

Messages with blocked content forwarded to myself. That content now shows.

Message 1 - as received

Message 1 - forwarded to myself

Message 2 - as received

Message 2 - forwarded to myself

Message 1 - as received [apologies - first attempt went wrong, cannot delete, it seems]

2 examples of messages with TB blockec c ontent that appears when forwarded.

This problem persists - still the case in 115.4.3
I had blocked images in a forwarded message, but the reply to that had all images shown.
I still see graphics appear in messages I forward for spam reporting - presumably announcing that my email is active and inviting more abuse.
Clearly the block does not extend far enough or consistently.
I have to assume that webbugs and suchlike tracking remain functional, defeating the object of the block in the first place. It also means that my correspondents are tracked unless they also block, which is not necessarily the case since I would be trusted!

Is it feasible to strip out the references to images? If they can be identified as such in the first place I have to assume that this can be done. Thus, the blocking dialogue could include a 'strip out' function.

115.8.1: the problem is still there. Is this not a security breach and worthy of some greater attention? Note that this is now under Win 11 (22H2), on a completely new machine, so the likelihood of a pecularity of my set-up is low - it has done it from the very start. Block is not inherited.

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