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Fix mach vendor so it can run the Angle Update


(Developer Infrastructure :: Mach Vendor & Updatebot, enhancement)



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(Reporter: tjr, Assigned: tjr)


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Breaking out the parent bug into some sub-bugs so there aren't a ton of patches on a single bug.

This bug is about fixes to mach vendor needed for either windows or the angle job

Component: General → Mach Vendor & Updatebot
Product: Release Engineering → Developer Infrastructure
QA Contact: mtabara

It occurs to me that because tracking is a general vendoring need
(not just for updatebot) that it should live under vendoring.

Pushed by
Allow a moz.yaml to skip certain vendoring steps r=jewilde
Fix some nuances of run-script r=jewilde
Fix a bit in rewrite_mozbuild r=jewilde
Moving tracking from updatebot to vendoring r=jewilde
Add a new type of source hosting for angle to look for the upstream branch on chrome beta r=jgilbert,jewilde
Allow specifying and passing arguments to the script run during vendoring r=jewilde

Comment on attachment 9256214 [details]
Bug 1743688: Bump updatebot to get the fixes needed for Angle r?jewilde

Revision D134318 was moved to bug 1700396. Setting attachment 9256214 [details] to obsolete.

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