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Account - Disk Space - Delete retention period values not available before they take effect


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, defect)

Thunderbird 91


(Not tracked)


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(Keywords: dataloss)

Windows 10
Thunderbird version 78.14.0 shows defect and also the latest version 91.3.2

Account Settings > Disc Space settings
OR Imap Synchronisation & Space > Disk Space

Default is 'Don't delete any messages'

If you want to select any other option, it is impossible to set the number of messages or the number of days.

You have to select the checkbox to enable access to set number of messages /days.

However, a pop up window immediately appears:
'This setting will permanently delete old messages from the remote server AND your local storage.
Are you sure you want to proceed. Ok Cancel buttons.

This pop up window has taken focus, so you cannot select the number of messages/days.
If you cancel the pop up message, then it auto deselects the option and selects the 'Don't delete any messages' option.

This means if you do not want to use whatever numbers are showing, you cannot use that function without risking deleting emails you do not want to delete.

User in Support Forum also mentions this problem.

For each folder - Properties > Retention Policy
You have to uncheck 'Use my account settings'
This offers access to selecting a delete option.
If you select radio button 'Delete messages more than x days old'
You get access to changing the number of days before you click on OK.
Same with 'Delete all but the most recent x messages.'

So that method offeres access to Retention Policy but only via one folder at a time.
So that method works ok.

So there is a workflow issue - which potentially causes dataloss.

Keywords: dataloss
Summary: Account - Disc Space - Delete options not accessible → Account - Disk Space - Delete retention period values not available before they take effect
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