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Investigate ways to redirect BASE_PROFILER_MARKER_* markers to Gecko Profiler buffer after it starts


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If someone uses a BASE_PROFILER_MARKER_* function, the marker is just lost when only the Gecko Profiler is running.
It would be good to use the Gecko Profiler buffer in that case.

I'm thinking that base_profiler_marker_detail::CachedBaseCoreBuffer() could provide the Gecko Profiler buffer once it's alive.

See Also: → 1745295

This would be very nice for the markers I added in bug 1524625!

Blocks: 1524625

This would have been very helpful in figuring out faster what was happening in the profile of bug 1747980. I could see quickly that DLLs were being injected, but I could only find the name of the DLL in label frames that weren't as easy to find.

Depends on: 1753192

I've managed to get going on bug 1753192, which makes this bug here fairly simple to achieve.

Here's an example from an early prototype, showing "DllLoad" base markers during the whole profiling session:

Assignee: nobody → gsquelart

This adds tests about what's already happening with current Base and Gecko Profiler markers.

Depends on D137805

Blocks: 1754357
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Test base/gecko markers before/during/after base/gecko profiler - r=canaltinova
Record base markers whenever the core buffer is in session - r=canaltinova
Closed: 10 months ago
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Blocks: 1745295
No longer blocks: 1524625
Depends on: 1524625
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