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Create a pytest suite to cover JSONSchema to WebIDL python scripts /


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While working on the WebIDL bindings for the WebExtensions APIs exposed to the MV3 background service worker (tracked by the issues that blocks the meta Bug 1609923) we are definitely going to need further changes and improvements to the python scripts used to bootstrap and keep in sync the WebIDL definitions with the related JSONSchema data (e.g. like in Bug 1748714, which is related to changes needed cover a corner case that we caught by running all alarms API tests in a background service worker as part of Bug 1724026).

We should cover these python scripts ( and with some automated tests to make it easier to improve this python scripts (while reducing the risks to regress the expected behaviors).

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There's a r+ patch which didn't land and no activity in this bug for 2 weeks.
:rpl, could you have a look please?
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The accepted patch was still pending on me confirming if the test was already running on push to try or not, or something was still missing, and I just verified that it wasn't yet.

After digging into our similar python unit tests added in mozilla-central, I confirmed that adding PYTHON_UNITTEST_MANIFESTS to a file isn't enough to ensure the python unit, and the python test suite need to be explicitly hooked up into the taskcluster config.

I've just added a patch that does hook up the new python tests into taskcluster/ci/source-test/python.yml as a new subsuite named webext-python and verified it did run in a try push including the resulting job name source-test-python-webext-linux1804-64/opt-py3 (by selecting it explicitly from mach try fuzzy --artifact --full):

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Add pytest suite to cover JSONSchema to WebIDL python scripts r=robwu
Add WebExtensions Python Subsuite to TC config. r=taskgraph-reviewers,robwu,jmaher
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