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[meta] Messaging System maintainable documentation


(Firefox :: Messaging System, task, P1)





(Reporter: pdahiya, Unassigned)


(Depends on 12 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

Scope of this bug is to track discussion and implementation of a maintainable Messaging System documentation on experimenter that doesn't run out of date.

Audience of this documentation:

  1. Product
  2. QA
  3. UX
  4. DS
  5. Messaging system customers

Purpose of this documentation:

  1. Easily maintainable
  2. Highlights available messaging surface
  3. FAQs of messaging system customers

Existing documents created and maintained by audiences
User engagement surfaces DS perspective -

Messaging surfaces UX perspective -

Message collision - infrastructure work - product perspective:

Messaging system - Engineering perspective

Messaging System - Content perspective

No longer blocks: ms-deployments
Priority: -- → P2
Depends on: 1754089
Assignee: nobody → mviar

The PR above was accepted and Messaging System is now a part of Experimenter Docs.

Second PR to add available targeting link:

We may want to include sections from this draft overview of the messaging system that are missing in our section the Experimenter docs, like Remote Localization and Message Groups.

Iteration: --- → 105.1 - July 25 - Aug 5
Iteration: 105.1 - July 25 - Aug 5 → ---
Depends on: 1804311
Depends on: 1804312
Depends on: 1804313

Opened to update telemetry documentation in

Other than above telemetry source, DS uses below sources for analysis

The Glean Dictionary -
The Probe Dictionary -

Depends on: 1816441
Depends on: 1816442
Depends on: 1821499
Depends on: 1831211
Alias: fxms-docs
Depends on: 1825107
Depends on: 1844465

The bug assignee is inactive on Bugzilla, so the assignee is being reset.

Assignee: viar → nobody

Maybe this should be a metabug

Depends on: 1857995
Blocks: fxms-infra
No longer blocks: bugzy-epic
Keywords: meta
Priority: P2 → --
Summary: Messaging System maintainable documentation → [meta] Messaging System maintainable documentation
Depends on: 1869212
Depends on: 1869215
Depends on: 1868233
Depends on: 1866914
Depends on: 1872582
Depends on: 1871067
Depends on: 1873811
Depends on: 1874002
Depends on: 1874278
Depends on: 1875870
No longer blocks: bugzy-epic
Priority: -- → P1
No longer blocks: bugzy-epic
No longer blocks: bugzy-epic
Depends on: 1867871
Depends on: 1890040
Depends on: 1898038
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