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pop3-js - messages over 50KB are not fully downloaded by default


(MailNews Core :: Networking: POP, defect)



(thunderbird_esr91 unaffected)

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thunderbird_esr91 --- unaffected


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I set up a new POP3 account. Some of the messages are not fully downloaded, but get the "Truncated!This message exceeded the Maximum Message Size set in Account Settings, so we have only downloaded the first few lines from the mail server." message.

I didn't change any defaults, so no such limitations should apply. Seems it's messages over 50KB.

Clicking the "Download the rest of the message." link doesn't work either.

Good catch. "Download the rest of the message." works for me though.

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For the "download the rest link" I just get this:

mailnews.pop3: Connecting to pop:// Pop3Client.jsm:122:18
mailnews.pop3: Connected Pop3Client.jsm:239:18
mailnews.pop3: S: +OK POP server ready H migmx107 1MA4fK-1nRoyL22Pa-00D85R

mailnews.pop3: C: QUIT Pop3Client.jsm:425:20
mailnews.pop3: S: +OK POP server signing off

mailnews.pop3: Connection closed. Pop3Client.jsm:297:18

Thanks. This happens when the message has been removed from the server. Seems the C++ code will remove this partial message if not found on server.

Keywords: leave-open

This message is still on the server - I can see it through IMAP. I have the settings not to remove stuff from the server set as well so it should not have removed it (which it correctly has not).

The code is
Can you see if this uidl is still in popstate.dat and status should be b?
Also do a get messages request, is this uidl still in the UIDL response?

1MA4fK-1nRoyL22Pa-00D85R is not in popstate.dat.
It's not in the UIDL response either.

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Fetch full message if server.limitOfflineMessageSize is false in Pop3Client.jsm. r=mkmelin

(In reply to Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] from comment #8)

It's not in the UIDL response either.

I guess many mail services have separate logic for pop3/imap connections. GMail has some special settings to keep mails for pop3.

Will send a patch to delete partial message not found on server.

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Delete partial message if not found on server in Pop3Client.jsm. r=mkmelin

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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