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hotkey shortcut to edit bookmark should be E not I


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Steps to reproduce:


would be great if in Bookmark Manager (Ctrl+b) -> r-click on a bookmark -> "e" for edit (instead of "i" for "i don't know why it is i")

it's a minor thing but could have big impact on everyday routines: intuitive hotkeys & shortcuts

(and Mozilla developers surely have all good reasons why things are how they are)

Actual results:

when r-clicking on a bookmark the fast and intuitive way would be to press "e" for "edit", but when pressing "e" nothing happens.

instead the user is supposed to press "i" (which is in the space of the right hand and thus inconveniant to reach, when the right hand is busy operating the mouse)

Expected results:

when r-clicking on a bookmark the popup-menu opens (so far so good), while leaving it open and pressing "e" the "edit bookmark dialogue" should pop up allowing for modifactions of the bookmark.

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"THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION" making Mozilla Firefox better and better and better :)

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I'll set it as an enhancement so the engineering team could decide if they take in consideration changing this or not.

Ever confirmed: true

The reason i was picked was because e was already used by Remove Bookmark, there was also Remove from toolbar using r.
Then Bug 1714478 changed it to Delete Bookmark, and used d, that pretty much freed-up e.
The only other thing on this menu that uses e is Manage Extension that cannot appear at the same time as the bookmark item, so it should be ok to use e for Edit Bookmark now.

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Adding dependency due to conflicting access key change.

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Change access key for Edit Bookmark from i to e. r=mcheang,fluent-reviewers
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