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Tab management with Wayland on Linux


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Firefox 97





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Steps to reproduce:

I'm trying FF on Linux Wayland (KDE Plasma 5.23.1 and GNOME 41) and hit a road block with tab management extensions being unable to bring other browser windows to focus. E.g. Tab Manager Pro only works if I select tabs from the current window. Selecting tabs from windows does nothing on either KDE or GNOME. Simply nothing happens on KDE; GNOME displays "Application XYZ is ready..." notification but still the requested windows doesn't come into focus.

I would've expected bug 1744002 to have fixed this for new enough compositors. Can you attach the output of MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 MOZ_LOG=Widget:5 /path/to/firefox when you reproduce the issue?

There are two scenarios for focus changes:

  1. focus change based on user action, i.e. mouse click/button press. We have event time and can use 'present with time' which works on Wayland from beginning (but fixed on Firefox side by Bug 1744503).
  2. focus change without event (by application itself) - that's implemented by xdg-activation and works ok on new Mutter/KDE (Bug 1692119).

Please attach screencast of the issue so we can try to reproduce it (provide screencast for both X11 and Wayland):


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