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Firefox starts consuming >10GB RAM when idle


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Firefox 97





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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Firefox
  2. Open a couple of tabs on the same or diffrent websites (actual visited website per tab does not matter)
  3. Let firefox idel for 2-3h in the background

After a while firefox slows down, temporarily freezes.
A look in the windos taskmanager shows, fiefox consuming up to 10GB of RAM, sometimes even more. (See: Screen_WindowsTaskManager)
Interestingly this behaviour can't be viewd in the internal firefox TaskManager (See: Screen_FFtaskManager)

Attached are:

  • Windows TaskManager scereenshot
  • Firefox TaskManager screenshot
  • Frefox memory report
  • about:support information

Actual results:

  1. Single Firefox process hogging >8GB of RAM without beeing related to any actual web-content.

Expected results:

I guess firefox is not supposed to allocate that much memory?

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