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list counter is affected by css counter in Firefox 68 or later


(Core :: Layout: Generated Content, Lists, and Counters, defect)

Firefox 97





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Steps to reproduce:

I applied counter-reset: none to a simple valid nested ol element and it changed the list counter. Is this a bug in Firefox?

I created a test page.

Actual results:

In Firefox (68 or later), it will look like this.

    1. (1)
        2. (1-1)
        3. (1-2)
    4. (2)
        5. (2-1)
        6. (2-2)

Expected results:

In Firefox (67 or earlier) or Google Chrome, it will look like this.

    1. (1)
        1. (1-1)
        2. (1-2)
    2. (2)
        1. (2-1)
        2. (2-2)

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Product: Firefox → Core

No, Firefox is following the spec, see and You can use counter-reset: list-item to get the behavior you want presumably.

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Thank you for your quick answer.

I'm sorry that my lack of understanding caused you so much trouble. I'm going to assume that Firefox's behavior is correct and proceed with further investigation.

Hey no problem, closing a bug is not much work, thanks for reporting it! :)

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