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IPV6 URL with percent sign % causes search instead of web request (WSD printers)


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Firefox 98





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Steps to reproduce:

This issue concerns Firefox and WSD Printers.

In Windows 10, a WSD printer will have with a URL like this: http://[fe80::822b:f9ff:fe6a:d7de%10]:80/WebServices/Device

According to, this is caused by Windows adding a percent sign (%) and a number to identify which network the link-local address corresponds to.

But Firefox doesn't accept this kind of URL with a percent sign (%), and instead opens a web search.

If I remove the "%10" from the URL, Firefox visits the page fine.

It seems that the only web browser that accepts this kind of URL is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Actual results:

Firefox gets confused by the percent sign % in the URL and opens a web search instead of accessing the printer's web interface.

Expected results:

Firefox should ignore or discard the percent sign % and local network identifier number if it appears after a link-local IPV6 address.

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I would really like this fixed, I need it a couple times a week. I am forced to use an old copy of ie and prevent it's upgrade or (run an old browser in a vm) as it is the only browser that works.

Addition Info: In my case there are 500 to 1000 devices in the building and they sometimes decide to fallback to a static out-of-box ipv4 address and causing conflicts. making it impossible to get to device webpage and reset the IP. The link local ipv6 gets me there without climbing the ladder.

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