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Extend `setDefaultPDFHandler` Nimbus feature to respect user-changed PDF handlers


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This ticket tracks making the setDefaultPDFHandler Nimbus feature added by Bug 1743914 accommodate user-changed PDF handlers, by which we mean PDF handlers that are not other browsers. We're trying to avoid a "split brain" situation where a user wants Firefox as their default browser but ends up back in Edge after opening a PDF. We also want to be "respectful": we want to avoid taking the handler position from user's who've changed from the default handler (Edge), say to Adobe Reader or Nitro PDF. See also

Technically, I expect we'll layer on another Nimbus feature, on by default, to control whether to check for a browser as the existing PDF default handler and to set Firefox as the default PDF handler only that is the case.

No longer blocks: fidedi-pdf

When enabled, this feature restricts the existing
setDefaultPDFHandler Nimbus feature to only set Firefox as the
default PDF handler when the existing handler is a known browser.

Depends on D142147

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Add `setDefaultPDFHandlerOnlyReplaceBrowsers` Nimbus feature. r=bhearsum
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