Browser takes 2 minutes to open in OS/2



16 years ago
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16 years ago
Build 1.2b (though this also happened with 1.2a).  The Mozilla splash screen
appears for 2 minutes before the first browser window opens.  After that new
windows open fine, until I close Mozilla.  I am using Warp 4 (4.50), Fixpak 15
on a computer with an AMD500 processor and 512MB RAM.  (Netscape 4.61 for OS/2
opens OK.)
Do you mean that mozilla is slow on your system or is mozilla1.0 or 1.1 faster ?
Keywords: perf
>I only tried Mozilla 1.2a and 1.2b.  Neither of them is slow after they open,
but >they take 2 minutes to open the 
>first browser window.  The Mozilla splash screen is nice to look at, but not
for >2 minutes

This would make it invalid as general performance bug. But 2 minutes seem to be
very slow for a 500Mhz system.
CC mkaply before marking invalid
Can you please post on the newsgroup, I don't think anyone else is seeing
performance this bad.

Are you network connected when you start?

Also, the VERY first start of Mozilla takes longer than the register. It
registers chrome and components.

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16 years ago
Did you time using a stopwatch? A lot of socket 7 motherboards won't cache 512
MB of RAM. I've seen a 1/3 performance penalty removed by backing down from 512
to 256 on a K6/2 on MVP3 chipset. If you want to continue with 512, check into
upgrading the CPU to K6/3.
Other people aren't seeing this issue and lack of response.

For this kind of issue, PLEASE don't open a bugzilla bug. Start in the
newsgroups to get some other people's opinions.
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16 years ago
I just timed my K6/2-550 VIA MVP3 w/ 256 MB at 20.6 seconds to open 2002103008
OS/2 trunk for the first time.


15 years ago

Comment 7

15 years ago
I did a total reformat/reinstall of OS2 with the latest fix paks and 
everything works fine.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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