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need a nsISemanticUnitScanner to support intl spam mail filter


(Core :: Internationalization, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: ftang, Assigned: shanjian)


(Keywords: intl)


(3 files, 6 obsolete files)

beard send me a proposal. but I change it due to the difficulty to remove malloc

we need this so beard can change the spam mail filter work for non ascii
Please use the MPL, not the NPL.  And the makefile needs to use the tri-license,
not the old license.
code issue? QA to for now.
Keywords: intl
QA Contact: ruixu → yokoyama
wtill work in progress. 
to do list
1. add to intl module file
2. write self test code
3. debug

done list:
1. idl is ok
2. basic structure is ok
3. need to add zh detection and behavior differently (maybe?) between zh and
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patch v3, include contract id and intl/build changes

wrong submission remove it
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From the test result, it looks like we need some more work
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shanjian/nhotta can you r= this bug ?
beard can 1. try the patch with the test file, or if you can attach some sample
text you want to try then I can run that with the test file and give you the

Here are some test result:
Test Data:

(germany) Die richtige Karte für jeden Anlass Ob
Feiertage, Liebe und Freundschaft, Grüße und Glück-wünsche, Natur und
Tier, Sport und Spaß oder ein Bild zum Schmunzeln - bei unseren
elektronischen Karten finden Sie auf alle Fälle das richtige Motiv für
Ihren persönlichen Gruß. (spanish) Lanza amenaza Bin Laden a Occidente
La televisora Al Yazira mostró una grabación con la voz de Bin Laden
alabando los ataques terroristas en Bali y Moscú; amenazando al mundo
occidental con represalias si ataca a Irak. (french)  Mardi 12 novembre
2002 AUJOURD'HUI SUR LE WEB Le site du jour Epopée américaine Girardin,
jeune homme originaire du Maine-et-Loire, s'embarque pour les Amériques
à 20 ans après s'être fait renvoyer du collège. Ce site en Flash nous
conte l'épopée de ce petit Français à travers les Etats-Unis, entre
1848 et sa mort, à 59 ans. 

Test Result:

[germany] [Die] [richtige] [Karte] [für] [jeden] [Anlass] [Ob] [Feiertage]
[Liebe] [und] [Freundschaft] [Grüße] [und] [Glück] [wünsche] [Natur] [und]
[Tier] [Sport] [und] [Spaß] [oder] [ein] [Bild] [zum] [Schmunzeln] [bei]
[unseren] [elektronischen] [Karten] [finden] [Sie] [auf] [alle] [Fälle] [das]
[richtige] [Motiv] [für] [Ihren] [persönlichen] [Gruß] [spanish] [Lanza]
[amenaza] [Bin] [Laden] [a] [Occidente] [La] [televisora] [Al] [Yazira] [mostró]
[una] [grabación] [con] [la] [voz] [de] [Bin] [Laden] [alabando] [los] [ataques]
[terroristas] [en] [Bali] [y] [Moscú] [amenazando] [al] [mundo] [occidental]
[con] [represalias] [si] [ataca] [a] [Irak] [french] [Mardi] [12] [novembre]
[2002] [AUJOURD] [HUI] [SUR] [LE] [WEB] [Le] [site] [du] [jour] [Epopée]
[américaine] [Girardin] [jeune] [homme] [originaire] [du] [Maine] [et] [Loire]
[s] [embarque] [pour] [les] [Amériques] [à] [20] [ans] [après] [s] [être] [fait]
[renvoyer] [du] [collège] [Ce] [site] [en] [Flash] [nous] [conte] [l] [épopée]
[de] [ce] [petit] [Français] [à] [travers] [les] [Etats] [Unis] [entre] [1848]
[et] [sa] [mort] [à] [59] [ans] 

(view this with ISO-8859-1)
Here are some CJK test (please view this part wiht UTF-8)

Test Data
 (japanese) Windows 版、Mac 版、Linux
版、いずれもダウンロード可能。 Netscape 7.0
ダウンロード! (korean) 만약 여러분이 언론단체의
일원이거나 Netscape와 관련된 추가 정보가 필요하시다면, 저희 공보부로 전화주시거
나 (650-937-3329, 오전 8 시
부터 오후 5시까지) pradmin@netscape.com으로 전자 우편을 보내주시기 바랍니다. 여
러분의 요청사항을 빠르게
진행해드리기 위해서는 본인과 소속 출판사 이름과 기사 제목, 보도일 등에 관련된 정
보가 필요합니다. 만약 여러분께서 책을
출판하신다면, 저희 출판 관계 섹션에서 제공되는 자료를 참고하시기 바랍니다.
(chinese) Netscape 7.0
正式问世! Netscape 7.0 是为满足您在互联网上的各种需求所设计的 -

Test Result

[japanese] [Windows] [版] [、Mac] [版] [、Linux] [版] [、] [いずれも] [ダウン
ロード] [可] [能] [。] [Netscape] [7] [0] [で] [オンライン] [での] [可] [能]
[性] [のすべてを] [体] [験] [してください] [。] [最] [も] [人] [気] [の] [高]
[い] [ブラウザ] [を] [今] [すぐ] [ダウンロード] [!] [korean] [만약] [여러분이]
[언론단체의] [일원이거나] [Netscape와] [관련된] [추가] [정보가] [필요하시다면]
[저희] [공보부로] [전화주시거나] [650] [937] [3329] [오전] [8] [시] [부터] [오
후] [5시까지] [pradmin] [netscape] [com으로] [전자] [우편을] [보내주시기] [바랍
니다] [여러분의] [요청사항을] [빠르게] [진행해드리기] [위해서는] [본인과] [소속]
[출판사] [이름과] [기사] [제목] [보도일] [등에] [관련된] [정보가] [필요합니다]
[만약] [여러분께서] [책을] [출판하신다면] [저희] [출판] [관계] [섹션에서] [제공
되는] [자료를] [참고하시기] [바랍니다] [chinese] [Netscape] [7] [0] [正] [式]
[问] [世] [Netscape] [7] [0] [是] [为] [满] [足] [您] [在] [互] [联] [网] [上]
[的] [各] [种] [需] [求] [所] [设] [计] [的] [浏] [览] [网] [页] [,] [搜] [索]
[信] [息] [,] [通] [信] [,] [购] [物] [,] [下] [载] [及] [欣] [赏] [音] [乐]
[等] [应] [有] [尽] [有] [。] [它] [包] [含] [一] [个] [威] [力] [无] [比] [的]
[电] [子] [邮] [件] [工] [具] [,] [以] [及] [全] [球] [首] [屈] [一] [指] [的]
[即] [时] [信] [息] [服] [务] [,] [即] [“AOL] [快] [信] [信] [使] [”(AIM)。]
[它] [还] [能] [为] [您] [提] [供] [更] [大] [的] [空] [间] [,] [以] [充] [分]
[发] [挥] [您] [在] [网] [上] [的] [各] [种] [经] [验] [与] [技] [能] [。] 
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read about why I use new Object in
the test html /js file
reassign to shanjian 
beard- could you please take a look at the current result and let shanjian know
is this acceptable or there are something we need to change. 
shanjian, thank you to take care this for me. 
Assignee: ftang → shanjian
Scott/Seth, could one of you sr?
Sorry for the delay in my getting back to you, in the results in comment #14,
there is the following token,


But it looks like it contains spaces to me. Is this a correct result?
Other than that, the code looks fine to me. We will need a new Mac project file
to build the .idl file.
There is no space there. That's full-width character. Try to select each
character and you will see what i mean. btw, can you sr it? We can do a bunch of
improvement after this main structure is there. 
In order to run
you need to download it to your local dist to visit it, and the file:// will
make the privlegemanager ask you to grant the permission.

while serving from the http:// I think you need to sign it (signed javascript)
in order to do that. 
Naoki/ftang, can one of you help add the mac build file?
okay, I will do it
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patch v4, change the idl according to beard's comment

Attachment #104357 - Flags: superreview+
Comment on attachment 106439 [details] [diff] [review]
Mac build changes (added a new src file, created xml for idl).

Attachment #106439 - Flags: superreview+
fix checked in. 
Closed: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Reopening, since this was backed out.
OS: Windows NT → All
Hardware: PC → All
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.3alpha
fix checked in.
Closed: 19 years ago19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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