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Print out less information when leakcheck passes


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Whenever processes a leak log, it prints out all of this for a single process:

INFO - leakcheck | Processing leak log file /tmp/tmp_97nr4s7.mozrunner/runtests_leaks_877_tab_pid19982.log
INFO - == BloatView: ALL (cumulative) LEAK AND BLOAT STATISTICS, tab process 19982
INFO -      |<----------------Class--------------->|<-----Bytes------>|<----Objects---->|
INFO -      |                                      | Per-Inst   Leaked|   Total      Rem|
INFO -    0 |TOTAL                                 |       52        0|   23153        0|
INFO - nsTraceRefcnt::DumpStatistics: 745 entries
INFO - TEST-PASS | leakcheck | tab no leaks detected!

Before Fission, there were only ever a few processes, so it wasn't a huge deal, but now a single test directory can have dozens or more processes.

Looking at a random WPT log, out of the 235,000 lines in the log, I'm estimating that about 100,000 are leakcheck related, which is pretty bad.

I think we should cut that down a bit in the passing case. It wouldn't be too hard to trim that down to this:

INFO - leakcheck | Processing leak log file /tmp/tmp_97nr4s7.mozrunner/runtests_leaks_877_tab_pid19982.log
INFO - TEST-PASS | leakcheck | tab no leaks detected!

That would save us 80,000 lines, which is something.

Mostly I find it a big pain scrolling back through page after page of useless output when I'm investigating a leak.

I did a try run to confirm that the output is unchanged when there's a leak. See the two Wd3 failures.

The passing output is as described in the previous comment. Arguably we could trim this down a bit further if there are no leaks in any content process or whatever (also maybe not dump the file name when we pass by default) but this at least helps for now.

This does change the behavior in the case of the weird failures, like negative leaks (we won't print the header information), but eh I think that's fine.

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Print out less information when leakcheck passes. r=ahal
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