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GeckoView Save to PDF/Print API Settings


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The GeckoView Save to PDF functionality uses Gecko's Print functionality to generate PDFs.

There are many options for how the PDF is generated. Adding print options to be set from the Java side on the GeckoView Save to PDF API would allow GV users to better control PDF generation - for example, adjusting margins, greyscale, and formatting.

In the current API , the settings are only set on the Gecko side. A PdfSettings Java class should be added that can then be used in the C++ side to set print settings.

Depends on: 1659819
Severity: -- → N/A
Priority: -- → P3
Depends on: 1780639

This bug would also be relevant for enabling regular printing on Android too.

See Also: → 1659818
Depends on: 1798402

Having a Java-side GeckoPrintSettings is also likely a requirement or at least helpful for implementing nsIPrintDialogService.

Summary: GeckoView Save to PDF API Settings → GeckoView Save to PDF/Print API Settings

Bug 1824687 is a good example of how not creating the PDFs in Gecko based on page settings can sometimes cause odd behavior on certain page sizes.

See Also: → 1822821
See Also: → 1825211
Component: General → PDF Viewer
See Also: → 1872249
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