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Firefox on Linux (Wayland) Crashes when addon "Cookie Autodelete" is pinned to the overflow menu and you open it


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Firefox 100





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(Keywords: regression)

Steps to reproduce:

Firefox on Linux Wayland (confirmed on KDE Wayland and GNOME Wayland) crashes when addon "Cookie Autodelete" is pinned to the overflow menu and you open it. See github issue here:

Version of Firefox is 100.0.2

Actual results:

If the extension "Cookie Autodelete" is pinned to the overflow menu and opened firefox crashes. This does not happen if not pinned to the overflow menu. This only happens when using wayland. In X11 it does not crash. This does not happen with any other extension

Expected results:

Extension should not crash firefox when opened while in overflow menu

Version: Firefox 91 → Firefox 100

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Product: Firefox → Core

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Regressed by: 1759157

Fixed by bug 1768360:

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:stransky, since you are the author of the regressor, bug 1759157, could you take a look?
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(In reply to Martin Stránský [:stransky] (ni? me) from comment #6)

Also please try latest nightly:

I tested latest nightly and it doesn't happen in nightly.

Update: I tried on Nightly on my main system, and it causes Firefox Nightly to freeze, but not crash. The process has to be killed.

If it doesn't happen on Nightly then this is probably a duplicate of bug 1768360.

Freeze is caused by Bug 1771104.

Closed: 2 years ago
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Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
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