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19 years ago
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I like the idea of using a minature 4.x Netscape Application icon for an
unmigrate 4.x profile, and a Mozilla / Seamonkey 5.0 Application icon for a
migrated (or 5.0) profile.

those icons may be too big, but we'll see what we can do.
I gave it some thought, and I think only unmigrated profiles should get the
icon. Then the dialog can have the icon, and accompanying text to the effect of:

"Profiles listed with this icon were created by a previous version of
Communicator. If you choose to start Mozilla with one of these profiles, Mozilla
will convert them to the new format."

then when you click a unmigrated profile and click start, you get an alert box:

"You have chosen a profile that was created with a previous version of
Communicator. Mozilla can convert this profile so that it is able to handle your
bookmarks, mail and settings. Note that once you have converted the profile, the
version of Communicator that created it will no longer be able to open it.

[x] Back up unconverted profile data profile data *
[ ] Convert all unconverted profiles

[ Cancel ] [ Convert & Start Mozilla ] "

* this is just an idea for a safetynet if the user wants to retain the ability
to load this profile in previous versions.
rather than say "back up", one could choose to convert the profile and store as
a different name/in a different folder. that might sound a bit more intuitive.

Comment 3

19 years ago
In the beta, the default is to copy the converted content into a new place.
After the beta, the default will be to convert in place.  The "save a copy"
option only makes sense after the beta (although it probably doesn't hurt to
leave it there and have it be selected by default as you show.)

The "Convert & Start" button should probably be labeled "Continue"


19 years ago
Target Milestone: M13

Comment 4

19 years ago
Not urgent for dogfood.
And the dialog would need to answer the question, `Why on earth am I being asked
this?'. In other words, it would need a sentence something like, `If this profile
is converted, you may [will?] not be able to use it in the older version of

Note that effect of giving unmigrated profiles a Communicator 4.x icon, and
migrated ones a Mozilla icon, is going to be totally lost in Netscape's
commercial build if Netscape is reusing the 4.x icons for 5.x ... :-)
ben or racham, you want to take this one off my hands?


18 years ago
Assignee: sspitzer → selmer

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18 years ago
Reassign to selmer


18 years ago
Assignee: selmer → rgoodger

Comment 9

18 years ago
Ben, are you moving forward with this?
Target Milestone: M13 → M14
with my profilemgr changes, the ability to do this will be in, but I need to
poke chrisn into designing an icon for us :)
image checked in, but for whatever reason the tree isn't listening. as soon as
this is done, and tooltips work so I can include an explanation, I'l close this.
image checked in, but for whatever reason the tree isn't listening. as soon as
this is done, and tooltips work so I can include an explanation, I'l close this.


18 years ago
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18 years ago
Moving all Profile Manager bugs to new Profile Manager Backend component.
Profile Manager component to be deleted.


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18 years ago
Moving to Profile Manager FrontEnd component.  (not changing owners yet)
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18 years ago
verified on linux mozilla trunk build 2000-03-14-11
Win trunk build 2000-03-14-12
Mac build 2000-03-14-08
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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