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Missing markers that matches browsertime metrics


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Tracking perf regression reported by I came up to the point where the only way to repro the issue and get new metrics is:

  • push to try, wait 4h (and currently profiling is broken on try)
  • run raptor locally

This makes analyzing the regression very complicated. Profiling the process does not yield easily markers that matches the metrics we are targetting (namely, fcp, ContentfulSpeedIndex currently, but I am also looking for FirstVisualChange, LastVisuaChange, fnbpaint).

Either we have existing markers matching those, and it would be nice we get:

  • mention of those on the bug created
  • doc listing the pairings between our markers and browsertime metrics

Or we add them, possibly using the same names for ease of use

Severity: -- → S3
Component: Performance → Raptor
Priority: -- → P2
See Also: → 1772015

Sean, can we add a marker that matches FCP exactly?

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There are a couple of things mentioned in the description.

We have,

  • FCP - which can be easily added to the profiler, so sure :)
  • fnbpaint - which we have in the profile already (FirstNonBlankPaint)
  • ContentfulSpeedIndex - I think we also have this in the profile if the profile is being collected from browsertime runs.
  • FirstVisualChange and LastVisualChange - They are browsertime specific metrics, so the changes need to there.
Flags: needinfo?(sefeng)

For CSI, we have the progress but not the exact location of the final CSI which is what :gerard is looking for. We can add a marker for that in browsertime (like for first/last change).

(In reply to Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax from comment #0)

(and currently profiling is broken on try)

Is there a bug for this?

Yes, it's bug 1771987. I have a patch waiting for a review there.

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Just sharing the garbage patch I had

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