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Update pdf.js to version 1a6ae5f03480d7c655dff7aea3d39d10d05d9197


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, enhancement)




103 Branch
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firefox103 --- fixed


(Reporter: calixte, Assigned: calixte)


(Blocks 1 open bug)



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#14976 [editor] Add a FreeText editor (#14970)
#14988 Remove mention of gulp singlefile-command from examples/node/getinfo.js
#14985 [editor] A couple of small FreeText-related fixes (PR 14976 follow-up)
#14984 Bundle the <dialog> polyfill-CSS in the GENERIC legacy/-viewer (PR 14710 follow-up)
#14991 [editor] Disable the editor-buttons in XFA documents
#14992 Lookup image-data correctly in paintImageMaskXObjectGroup (issue 14990)
#14993 [editor] Update the AnnotationStorage.hash-getter to support editing
#14994 Conditionally bundle gulp image_decoders-specific code in src/core/jbig2.js (PR 9729 follow-up)
#14998 Reset all the canvas states after rendering each annotations (#14105)
#15000 Outline fields which are required (bug 1724918)
#15001 Set "presentation" role for page canvases (issue 14437)
#15003 Change the name of the generated pdf.sandbox.external for mozilla-central
#14978 [editor] Add support for saving a newly added FreeText
#15008 Polyfill with core-js (PR 14976 follow-up)
#15011 Fix a couple of old review comments
#15013 Render PopupAnnotations even if they have missing or empty /Rect-entries (issue 15012, PR 14439 follow-up)
#14989 [editor] Add an Ink editor
#15006 [editor] Add support for saving newly added Ink
#15019 Revert "Change the name of the generated pdf.sandbox.external for mozilla-central"
#15015 Extend TextLayerRenderParameters.container type to include HTMLElement.
#15020 Add an empty entry in combo list when nothing is selected (bug 1773680)
#15014 Enable the unicorn/prefer-at ESLint plugin rule (PR 15008 follow-up)
#15018 Expose TextLayerRenderTask in the TypeScript definitions (issue 15016, PR 14013 follow-up)
#15022 Tweak the editorNone icon to circumvent the "duplicated files"-check
#15026 [api-minor] Stop using the beginAnnotations/endAnnotations operators (PR 14998 follow-up)
#15027 Remove superfluous trailing arguments from parseFloat-calls (PR 14978 follow-up)
#15029 Enable the unicorn/prefer-dom-node-append ESLint plugin rule
#15023 Enable the unicorn/prefer-array-flat and unicorn/prefer-array-flat-map ESLint plugin rules
#15028 [api-minor] Update the minimum supported browsers/environments
#15030 Update packages and translations
#15031 Enable the unicorn/prefer-modern-dom-apis ESLint plugin rule
#15034 Extend getGlyphMapForStandardFonts with some Hebrew entries (issue 15033)

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Update pdf.js to version 1a6ae5f03480d7c655dff7aea3d39d10d05d9197 r=pdfjs-reviewers,marco
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