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16 years ago
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(Reporter: Bill Wilson, Assigned: Igor Kushnirskiy)


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16 years ago
First off, I gotta say mozilla is so much faster than IE, I can't beleive it, I
am thinking about upgrading all the computers at work to it, but I want to wait
a little longer untill a couple bugs are ironed out. ANyway the only problem I
have found so far is actually on my own website. it uses a java shopping cart
system, a very popular one called realcart. If you click on a shirt and choose
the color size and all that and then click "add to cart" it seems to add it, but
the item does not show up in the shopping cart, and if you try to checkout it
shows the cart is actually empty. I couldn't find anything in the bug issues, so
I apologize if it is currently being worked on, but man if that gets fixed this
will be the only browser I need. Right now I have to use IE and than NEtscape
for my banking (doesn't work in IE). I tired a new site I was building in
mozilla and it loaded like it was on my local drive, so I thought maybe it was
cached somehow, so I tried it at work where the site had never been loaded, it
loaded it just like it was a local is amazing, all this time I thought
my cable was getting slower, and it was just IE. ok sorry just wanted to point
that out, and I hope this helps you guys good luck!

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15 years ago
file a better bug, please. Try the bug reporting template.
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