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Update Win10 SDK to at least v10.0.17763 to support Windows.Graphics.Capture APIs in libwebrtc


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Upstream commit 78f04d8f4df9701d8307fb6cbf6e1ff0a2646f05 enables flag RTC_ENABLE_WIN_WGC to support Windows.Graphics.Capture APIs, but that requires Win10 SDK v10.0.17763 (preferably v10.0.19041).

Note: I don't see a build failure on my local Win box, so this may only be an issue on CI machines.

The code I'm adding in bug 1774844 also needs SDK v10.0.17763 or later. For now I'm adding a workaroud in the patch with an #ifndef NTDDI_WIN10_RS5 block, that would be nice to remove.

Firefox builds fine with the latest VC2022 and Win11 SDK releases. I wonder if we should just switch to the latest available for better future proofing.

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It's double sided. If we use the latest, then we may end up breaking older versions. There's probably some middle ground to find. We'll probably want to bump the minimum version of UCRT we want in build/moz.configure/windows.configure.

New versions are now easily serviceable, by creating yaml files in build/vs/ and adding corresponding toolchains in taskcluster/ci/toolchain/misc.yml. We already have vs2019 there, BTW.

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Blocks: 1803334

This would be useful for bug 1803334 as well, I'm not sure of the exact version required but 10.0.19041.0 works.

See Also: → 1808667
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