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Go / Mail Start Page doesn't work when Tbird already open


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, defect)

Thunderbird 102


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Steps to reproduce:

Open Tbird. Mail Start Page works fine

Actual results:

From time to time (not consistent) .... after usage (sending emails, changing folders, reading emails) Go to File /Go / Start Page. It's doesn't load. Blank section where Start Page should be.

Expected results:

Start Page should reload

So.... in trying to reproduce

  1. Will fail if Status shows retrieving messages.
  2. Will NOT fail once messages complete and you look at new messages..... nothing is on Status bar
  3. Seems to fail consistently if you then try again... with Status message: "Loading message..."

WHen it fails, is there anything in Tools > Developer > Error Console?

Component: Untriaged → Mail Window Front End
Flags: needinfo?(RickSparks)
Attached image Error Console

I've attached my Error Console.
Here's how I generated it.

  1. Cleared it
  2. Restarted
  3. Looked at it
  4. Recreated the issue
  5. Looked at it again..... it didn't seem to change.
Flags: needinfo?(RickSparks)

And... I don't know if this helps.... but I definitely have a non-standard Mail Start Page, but I like it.

For reference:

My Profile is located:
C:\Users\SPARKY\Documents\Z App Data\Thunderbird\rch883zo.default

My Start Page location is:
C:\Users\SPARKY\AppData\Roaming\Webshots\The Webshots Desktop\Webshots Wallpaper.bmp

I feel so unhelpful.... I don't know code.... I just sortof know computers.

OK... let me try again with the Error Console.

  1. I load Tbird -- Start Page works fine.
  2. I go to Error Console and clear it. It's now empty.
  3. I try to reload Start Page (Go/Start Page)
  4. It fails.... I have a blank Start Page
  5. Recheck Error console -- still empty.

Therefore, no errors in Console caused by this error.
Right ??

Blocks: tb102found

After working with it a few days, how to recreate consistently.

  1. Open Tbird.... Start Page loads fine.
  2. Do some stuff.... Go / Mail Start Page... may or may not load
  3. Do Go / Mail Start Page again..... Consistently: Will not load.

Try Help | Troubleshoot mode. Does it work there?

The error console error re implementation.js seems to be happening from some add-on.

Like due to some add-on.

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE

Profile is in documents. Not a good idea at all.
You are loading a BMP file instead of the HTML file as a start page. I would have thought it should just not work at all as the home location is supposed to be a HTML web page, not an image.

It works when it loads the first time..... and I'm not clear how location would matter (?)

Also.... I'm not a regular bug submitter... so I'm not sure of protocol, but since this bug is marked Closed, it's been reopened as #1786503.
... and... since I realize it's unique to my odd Start Page, I can live with the workaround of restarting T-bird from time to time.

Grateful for any assistance, but understanding that this would be very low priority as it probably impacts only me.

Attached image image.png

... and I'm quite happy with my changing-with-my-wallpaper start page !
.... here's an example.

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