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Status bar reading with NVDA fails if "Spaces Toolbar" is shown


(Thunderbird :: Disability Access, defect, P4)

Thunderbird 102


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(Reporter: k.kolev1985, Unassigned)


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(Keywords: access, regression)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch the NVDA screen reader.
  2. Launch Thunderbird 102.
  3. From the menu "View" -> "Toolbars", make sure that the status bar and the "Spaces Toolbar" are shown.
  4. Execute NVDA's command for reading the status bar (NVDA+End in desktop NVDA layout and NVDA+Shift+End for laptop NVDA layout).

Actual results:

NVDA reports "No information in the status bar", even though the status bar is visible and there is text content in it.

Expected results:

NVDA should read the content from the status bar.

Blocks: tb102found
Keywords: access
See Also: → 1777184

(In reply to Kostadin Kolev from comment #0)
Steps to reproduce:
3. From the menu "View" -> "Toolbars", make sure that the status bar and the "Spaces Toolbar" are shown.

If the "Spaces Toolbar" is hidden, can you not reproduce this? What does NVDA say in that case?

I would find it surprising if this only happens when the "Spaces Toolbar" is shown. If anything, I would expect it to be the other way around because when the spaces toolbar is hidden, a button gets added to the status bar.

I can't reproduce this with Orca on Daily, so it might be an NVDA specific issue.

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When the "Spaces" toolbar is hidden, when executing NVDA's command to read the status bar, it reports the following: "Show Spaces Toolbar", followed by the text in the status bar.

My copy of Thunderbird is in bulgarian, but just in case, I switched it to english, - the result was the same - NVDA says "No information in the status bar" when the "Spaces" toolbar" is shown.

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See Also: → 1780944

I've tested this with NVDA - confirming exactly as described on 102.1.0 (64-bit), Win10. My NVDA has CapsLock as NVDA key.
For testing, it doesn't matter if there's text on left side of status bar, because both before and after the patch of Bug 1777184 Unread and Total counts are inside the status bar and should always be read.

  • If Spaces Toolbar is shown, NVDA key + End reports "No information in the status bar" (bug on 102.1.0).
  • If Spaces Toolbar is hidden, NVDA key + End reports all elements of status bar starting from Show Spaces Toolbar Button.

On Daily 105.0a1 (2022-08-01) (64-bit), NVDA key + End always reports "No information in the status bar", regardless of Spaces Toolbar shown or hidden (worse bug on Daily).

Works on 91.11.0 (32-bit), Win10 -> regression.

Severity: -- → S4
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P4

Alice, could you kindly find the regression ranges per comment 3?

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Blocks: 1780944

Henry, per comment 5 (regression window) this was first regressed by bug 1665511, but some other bug (maybe bug 1777184?) made it even worse on Daily - now even with Spaces Toolbar hidden, status bar reports nothing on NVDA.

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Looking through the patch, I can't see any change to the status bar that would obviously cause a problem.

This works fine with Orca, and bug 1777184 improved the situation on Orca. So it does seem NVDA specific and would likely require some insight from their end. It is not clear to me what counts as the "status bar" on NVDA. On Orca it seems that role="status" is sufficient, but NVDA might be more restrictive and the introduction of the spaces toolbar ( and the reduction of the status area (bug 1777184) somehow break the conditions. Or it could be that there is some other element with the same "status" role that is empty but takes higher priority.

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With the release of v102.1.1, NVDA does always report that there is no information in the status bar, no matter if the "Spaces" toolbar is shown or hidden. Can this be fixed? Thanks in advance!

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