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Notification popup body has gray background


(Thunderbird :: Theme, defect)

Thunderbird 102


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Steps to reproduce:

Upgraded from 91 to 102 version

Actual results:

New email notification popup has slightly gray background for the body of notification.

Expected results:

It used to be white, same color as you can see in the square with TB icon. Should be white for the whole body. Gray is an inactive color, toolbars are gray usually.

Severity: -- → S4
Component: Untriaged → Theme

Richard, was this styled on purpose?
I think this was changed when making the Windows notification light/dark mode aware.
I don't mind the light grey, is not a mistake and it doesn't affect readability.

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Attached image TB-91-notification.png

I see no difference to the TB 91 notification.

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I don't have a recent enough screenshot. But i am sure it was white for me (maybe because it was upgraded from older versions for 10+ years). Like in this bug i reported it is white in 68

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I agree, what we have is nothing new and seems quite alright.

Closed: 6 months ago
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I am fine with closing this ticket, if it supposed to be this way (not a bug). Although i had it white for years. Just shows how buggy TB update process is (every time i update i get random weird issues). But i don't agree this is "quite alright". Using a very gray background for an active piece of UI. No, it doesn't look right. Especially when part of it is white and part is gray.

There's nothing buggy about a change. In this case, something from probably many years ago. I don't think anyone complained about it before so apparently a well perceived one.

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