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Can't compose email in plain text using Mozilla 1.1



16 years ago
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(Reporter: Blain Nelson, Unassigned)


Windows ME

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16 years ago
I have tried setting the menu option under edit/preferences/mail&newsgroups/send format to always use plain text (although the menu text indicates that this is only when I haven't identified the recipient as someone who can't receive html email).  This option does survive reloading Mozilla, but the composer still has me formatting in html.  If I try using options/format/plain text only, it still formats in html.  I tried editing the file bin/defaults/prefs/mailnews.js so that the line reads like this:

pref("mail.html_compose",                   false);

Guess what? (drum roll) Composer still has me composing in html.

I *hate* html email!  I have always wanted it turned off from the second I saw it, and have always been annoyed that it is turned on by default.  People too stupid to figure out how to turn it on *should not be allowed to use it* because they use hideous fonts and backgrounds and all sorts of godawful things.  Bad people use it to hide evil javascripts that do bad things to people.  If I was king for a day, it would go away permanently.  

I'm not king for a day, and I recognize that it won't go away.  Ever.  But, at the very least, I won't use it.  Ever.  So I won't use Mozilla for email until I can turn this damned feature off.  If this is just a quirk of my copy and can be fixed with a reinstall, let me know and I'll do it.  If this is fixed in a later version, let me know, and I'll wait.  I've used the system here to search for this particular bug and can't find it anywhere.  I hope this doesn't mean I'm the only person using Mozilla on windows who wants plain text email <shudder>.

I'm new to bugzilla, so I may have done this improperly.  If so, I apologize.  Just incase it's not coming through anywhere else, I'm running Win ME on a AMD 1800XP chip.  Anything else you might need to know that I forgot, feel free to ask.

If you can tell me how to turn off the annoying sound the email client makes when it finds new email, I'd appreciate it too.  I'm not too confident of my ability to configure this thing the way I want.

Take care,

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16 years ago
On looking, I found one more place where it talked about composing messages in html.  I turned it off, and, ta-da, it works.  

I hate it when I look everywhere I can think of, report a bug, and then find the fix myself within the hour.  

It does seem a little weird, though, that there are several places in preferences that seem to indicate that they have to do with message formatting and composition, but the place to turn off html formatting in composition is under account settings.   Perhaps leaving an instruction in the main preferences/mail&news/Send format indicating that html formatting in composition can be turned off in account settings would work.  

So, sorry to bother you.  Hope y'all had a good Halloween.  Thanks for working on this really cool browser.  

Take care,
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