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Add Fields to New Intermediate Certificate


(CA Program :: Common CA Database, task)


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(Reporter: cclements, Unassigned)



Path: [Homepage -> CA Owners/Certificates -> +New CA Owner/Certificate -> Intermediate Certificate]

Add the following fields to the corresponding (or new) sections of the case.

Other CA Information [Leave empty if same as CA Owner]

(Also, related to ?)

  • Is the CA Owner the CA Operator? [drop down: yes/no] (If no, collect CA Operator details:)
    • Company Website [text input]
    • Email Alias 1 [text input]
    • Email Alias 2 [text input]
    • Organizational Type [dropdown: None, Private Corporation, Public Corporation, Government Agency, Non-Profit]
    • Geographic Focus [text input]
    • Primary Market/Customer Base [text input]
    • Address [text inputs for street, city, state, zip, country]

[New section] Key Generation

  • Key Generation Date [date picker]
  • Key Generation Audit Report Date [date picker, optional]
  • Key Generation Audit Report (Link) [text for URL, optional]

Pertaining to Certificates Issued by this CA

  • TLS Certificate Domain Validation Methods in Use [selection boxes with values, below]:
    • N/A - non-TLS CA
    • Email, Fax, SMS, or Postal Mail to Domain Contact
    • Constructed Email to Domain Contact
    • DNS Change
    • IP Address
    • Validating Applicant as a Domain Contact
    • Email to DNS CAA Contact
    • Email to DNS TXT Contact
    • Phone Contact with Domain Contact
    • Phone Contact with DNS TXT Record Phone Contact
    • Phone Contact with DNS CAA Phone Contact
    • Agreed-Upon Change to Website v2
    • Agreed-Upon Change to Website - ACME
    • TLS Using ALPN
Type: enhancement → task
Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement]
Severity: -- → S4

For consideration; when adding the TLS Certificate Domain Validation Methods in Use selection to the ICA Record we could write these values to the PKI Hierarchy section of the Root Record and remove the selection of these values from the ROOT INFORMATION tab in the Add/Update Root Request case.

Product: NSS → CA Program
Severity: S4 → --
Priority: P1 → --
Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement]
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