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Data Review for Weather Suggestions


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This bug is a placeholder for the Data Review for the Weather Suggestions feature in Firefox Suggest. Nive will provide the information needed for the review.

The information needed for the review is here:

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Not sure if this document is easy to read but please feel free to ping me for more context if you can't open this. thank you!

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Megan, could you help with this data review or find a data steward who can?

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Plain text works better in bugzilla, so I've copied out the contents.

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data collection review (plain text)

Huh, this is a non-standard one. It appears as though the location data is being collected but immediately discarded. I'll be looking at this through the usual Data Collection Review lens here.

In my reading of this feature, this collection is definitely at least Cat3 if not Cat4 data (could be Cat4 since I don't know if it could be used in conjunction with other information to improve its accuracy beyond city resolution). This means that, once we get a cleaned-up Data Review Request, your chosen Data Steward will fill in a response mark it as data-review- again, this time pending Trust or Legal's review. The Steward will needinfo Trust or Legal who'll take a look at the Review Request and Response and supporting documentation to determine if it's acceptable under the relevant Privacy Notice(s). It likely will be (few things get this far that aren't okay. But I am not empowered to make that determination) and Trust/Legal will come back with a positive response which the Steward will use to flip the data-review from - to +.

data-collection-r- for missing information:

Q7 is asking how long the data will be collected, not how long it will be retained. Is there a mechanism that will stop collecting this data at some point in the future (like Glean's expires mechanism)? Or is this code going to keep going until someone stops it? If it's the latter, we'll need an individual named who will be responsible for the data over its lifecycle.

Q6 is a requirement that data collected be documented in a way that's public to the users whose data is being collected. For example, Glean products tend to use the Glean Dictionary to satisfy this requirement. Where does Firefox Suggest publicly document the data it collects?

Q8 could do with a little clarification: are you seeking approval for a future rollout to all audiences, or just for the en-US-only experiment?

Please resubmit with the noted corrections. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out

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